Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Britney Spears meets 3LW, a further shelved girl group from the early 2000s on Hollywood Records and mainly known for their song “Crush” which was featured on The Princess Diaries soundtrack in 2001. They received some promotion from the label, including opening for Destiny’s Child on MTV’s Total Request Live tour and performing at 2002’s strudelpalooza event, but after one single “One More Second Chance” (which appeared to be for radio play only), they were quietly shelved and forgotten about. The album has been floating around the internet (albeit in very low-quality mp3s, mostly likely pulled from the girls’ early website in Real Media format back in the days) but to find an actual CD the files came off took a trip up to Detroit to find.  Not much is known about them but it seemed that they had a revolving door of members between 2001-2002 until they eventually disbanded for good. A few members later went on to do other projects that brought them moderate success including  Kristina Anapau and Alisa Reyes but this early project seems to be barely a footnote in their formative careers. I have no idea who their producers were but they were certainly more edgy than PYT, 3rd Faze and other similar groups around at the time. Sadly Hollywood Records chose to release the weakest, slowest songs from the project and left the best ones on the cutting room floor. A further unreleased album from another Hollywood Records artist can be found here.