Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Seville (aka 713 Seville): Promo EP (Str8 Lace Recordings, 200x)

Another great find from Napo and from Houston, another place that had a fantastic R&B and hip hop scene back in the day. The group itself (comprised of Stefan, Geno, C-Moe and Ced B) now goes by the name “713 Seville” (713 representing the area code for Houston) and released their first album “H-Town Got Our Back” in 2007. It featured an appearance from fellow Houstonian Scarface on the track “Love Is Gone” which later made it onto the 2011 album "Lethal Ent.Greatest Hits Vol. 1." Not quite as oversexed as H-Town but with slamming tracks such as "Two-Way" and "For You" they definitely had all the right ingredients for a great sounding R&B group... 
Ride With Me    2:39
Two-Way    3:09
Let Me Love You    4:59
For You    3:37