Thursday, September 1, 2022

Safa: The Truth of Urban Soul (Self-Released, 2004)

Amazing urban/neo soul music from Philly-based singer Safa (Alston) although sadly a victim of pesky disc rot, it is definitely among the best female R&B/soul Napo has found for us, “Pass The Time” and “Innocence” especially are fantastic songs. Though she never did anything else, her smooth, jazzy mezzo can still be heard today supporting other local artists. As for us, we are keeping our fingers crossed that another more functional copy of this EP is found again soon...
I Am She 2:04 
Pass The Time 2:04 
Innocence 2:04 
I Will 2:04 
Infected 2:04 
Keep Movin' (Freestyle) 1:50 
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