Thursday, September 1, 2022

Desire: Demo Tracks (199x)

Supplying us with great underground finds in his local area since 2017, Napo is back with us for another selection of unreleased heat from the Virginia Beach area and other surrounding municipalities. Above is a further track from the group “Desire” whose demos (on cassette!) he found at a music flea market for us back in early 2020 (see this post here.) Compared to their other tape, the music here is a lot more acoustic sounding (a live practice session possibly?) though the vocals of the main singer definitely give me Tamika Scott (of Xscape) vibes. Also on the tape were other compositions by various other artists incl. a lot of acoustic rock so now I am learning towards the name "Desire" being not that of the group themselves but maybe some sort of moniker for a producer. A very interesting and unique find. 

Deja Vu    4:10
Deja Vu (Edit 2)    4:10

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