Tuesday, July 19, 2022

P.O.R. & Tangéla: Fo The Fam: Volume One (Promo) (Fo The Fam Entertainment, 1999)

Further unreleased music from Bridgeport, CT with Fo The FamEntertainment and once again a lucky steal from my good friend Stuart over on Discogs a few weeks back. Featuring the old-skool R&B sensibilities of former gospel singer Tangela and the East-Coast flavas of P.O.R., the set hails from 1999 and was the label’s first and only full-length release. Originally from Norwalk, Tangela (real name Tangela Smith) started singing at 5 at the St. James Missionary Baptist Church. Citing a 2013 article from the Connecticut Post “her gospel roots run deep. Yet, in the years since, the 37-year-old songstress has branched out beyond religious refrains: Her repertoire now includes everything from Elvis to Beyonce, R&B to Broadway.” Gospel was always her first and foremost but in her quest to reach a wider audience, she had “no problem doing Top 40”. From the smoldering “He Ain’t Worth Your Tears” to the funky” Get Your Back Up Off The Wall”, Smith’s demure, soft contralto is very pleasing to the ears and to the soul. In 2013, she took center stage at the Norwalk Concert Hall for a special ‘Unplugged’ concert.