Monday, May 23, 2022

Ladiez In Question: The sassy all-girl super group

Featuring Celetia Martin and another former member of Melodi Brown, Ladiez In Question (L.I.Q.) was another UK group from the mid-2000s that sadly went nowhere. They were flown out to Hollywood to perform and shortly after were offered a million pound recording contract with US dance and hip hop label AV8 Records. They released two singles, the most widely known being “Push Back”, a reply to Terror Squad’s 2004 song “Lean Back.” Described as Janet Jackson, Aaliyah and Left Eye “all coming together and forming one sassy all-girl super group”, a “massive” collaboration was teased for the girls’ debut (perhaps this?) but despite several labels vying for them, things ultimately didn’t work out. One member Zahra Palmer (who was previously with Melodi Brown) said that it was due to members not being “serious” or “driven” so they sadly parted ways. Undoubtedly the driving force behind the group, Celetia Martin had a solo career between 1996-1998. An apt songwriter, her charting songs included “Rewind" and "Runaway Skies", and in 2001 she had a 2 Step hit with Masterstepz called "Sorry (You Lied to Me)". Nowadays, she her songwriting resume includes big name artists such as Janet Jackson and Usher and in 2014, she set up her own publishing company to help up-and-coming talent. In her own words "“I felt that there was so much overlooked and undiscovered young talent out there that wasn’t being given the opportunity to get their foot in the door so to speak and I kept coming across a lot of them and decided to set up the company solely to offer them the chance to access more of these opportunities, and that’s something I’m very passionate about.”(1). For some reason though, her short venture with the above group and another short stint with a further group Monroe are not mentioned anywhere. As for Palmer, a fantastic vocalist, she later went on to be in yet another failed group (Flava) before making her rounds on the dreaded X Factor in 2008. Sadly the only thing she seemed to have taken away from the whole experience was being told by Cowell that she had the "best body" he'd ever seen.