Sunday, April 10, 2022

V/A: Urban Collective Vol. 1: R&B (Hi-Bias Records, 1996)

More top tier R&B showcasing the best in Canadian urban talent in the mid-90s. Again this has been something I have wanted for a long time after falling in love with many of the artists I heard on BeatFactory’s Groovessentials and other similar compilations from the Great White North. Again there are a lot of great tracks here that you won’t find anywhere else from Brent Taylor, Cleo-Patra,  Unique and others. Unique in particular were one of the highlights of Blacklisted Records’ Tha Crab Theory CD which I posted back in 2019 while Brent Taylor’s “I Wanna Get Freaky” is possibly the sexiest quiet storm song I have ever heard with “I Wanna Make Love” (Not Just Sex)” by Dar-rell (Strickland) a close second. Other tracks such as Cleo-Patra’s “Love You Right” and “Life Is Not The Same” by Tanya Mass are funky and rhythmic 90s R&B. Altogether an excellent compilation of 90s underground R&B talent, one which could definitely rival anything the US had to offer at the time. 
Denosh - Counting The Dayz 5:16   
Yolisiwa - Love Me Like I Love Ya (Off The Hook Mix) 4:11 
Daryl West - Nasty    4:11
Camille Douglas - Keep It That Way    4:35
Carlos Morgan - Feelin' Alright    4:12
Brent Taylor - I Wanna Get Freaky (Milestone Mix)    4:30
Cleo-Patra - Love You Right (Flava Mix)    3:26
M2P - Do You Love Me    3:59
Oval Emotion - It's Not The Right Time (StoneHenge Mix)    3:46
Unique - More Than Friends (Vocal Mix)    4:31
The McAuley Boys - In Another Lifetime    5:14
Dar-Rell - I Wanna Make Love (Not Just Sex)    3:29
Tanya Mass - Life Is Not The Same    4:26
Andrea Skeen - Take My Love (R&B Mix)    4:13
Renae - I Like The Way (831 Yaard Mix)    4:25
George Chambers - Nice & Slow    4:09