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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Another demo cassette haul

Out of CA, another 90s demo cassette haul and a mixture of modern soul, contemporary R&B and G-Funk flavas by a selection of male and female artists. I have no idea of the origin of any of them - there are no inlay cards - but I am leaning more toward a local producer or musician, possibly from the Bay Area. Two of them appear to be unmastered vocal session recordings. The smooth mid-tempo "Maken Me Weak", sung by an unknown female artist, is undoubtedly the highlight of the set.  

Saturday, April 16, 2022

More R&B/soul obscurities on cassette tape

Funky early 90s New Jack Swing and jazzy hip hop soul featuring writing and production from Keith Woodson (formally of Ta Mara & The Seen), Death Row Records’ Tony Green and Paul Fulton (formally of The Chips.)  Veronica appears to be a demo tape or at best a self-released project; it has an inlay but the cassette shell is completely blank while Asia did not come with a J-Card at all. I can find nothing about either artist but Asia possibly hailed from Queens, NY. 

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sexy: Dar-Rell: I Wanna Make Love...Not Just Sex EP (Strictly & Company, 199x)

Originally featured on Urban Collective: Volume 1, Stuart discovered this rarity back at the beginning of the year. I don’t know much about him but it seems he released two hip hop singles in the early 90s as Dar-Rell Strickland. It seems he was originally from Detroit, MI or at least based there at one point. A mixture of sexy quiet storm R&B and funky laid back jams with inflections of classic soul vocals and bustin’ rhymes, his track “I Wanna Make Love (Not Just Sex)” was one of the highlights of CD it was featured on in 1996 (see my previous post here.) 
I Wanna Make Love Not Just Sex 3:26 
I'm Just A Player 4:00 
Take 'Em Off 4:22 
Can You Get Up On This 4:11 

V/A: Urban Collective Vol. 1: R&B (Hi-Bias Records, 1996)

More top tier R&B showcasing the best in Canadian urban talent in the mid-90s. Again this has been something I have wanted for a long time after falling in love with many of the artists I heard on BeatFactory’s Groovessentials and other similar compilations from the Great White North. Again there are a lot of great tracks here that you won’t find anywhere else from Brent Taylor, Cleo-Patra,  Unique and others. Unique in particular were one of the highlights of Blacklisted Records’ Tha Crab Theory CD which I posted back in 2019 while Brent Taylor’s “I Wanna Get Freaky” is possibly the sexiest quiet storm song I have ever heard with “I Wanna Make Love” (Not Just Sex)” by Dar-rell (Strickland) a close second. Other tracks such as Cleo-Patra’s “Love You Right” and “Life Is Not The Same” by Tanya Mass are funky and rhythmic 90s R&B. Altogether an excellent compilation of 90s underground R&B talent, one which could definitely rival anything the US had to offer at the time. 
Denosh - Counting The Dayz 5:16   
Yolisiwa - Love Me Like I Love Ya (Off The Hook Mix) 4:11 
Daryl West - Nasty    4:11
Camille Douglas - Keep It That Way    4:35
Carlos Morgan - Feelin' Alright    4:12
Brent Taylor - I Wanna Get Freaky (Milestone Mix)    4:30
Cleo-Patra - Love You Right (Flava Mix)    3:26
M2P - Do You Love Me    3:59
Oval Emotion - It's Not The Right Time (StoneHenge Mix)    3:46
Unique - More Than Friends (Vocal Mix)    4:31
The McAuley Boys - In Another Lifetime    5:14
Dar-Rell - I Wanna Make Love (Not Just Sex)    3:29
Tanya Mass - Life Is Not The Same    4:26
Andrea Skeen - Take My Love (R&B Mix)    4:13
Renae - I Like The Way (831 Yaard Mix)    4:25
George Chambers - Nice & Slow    4:09

V/A: Solid Soul (Masiv Music, 1999)

From Blacklisted to BeatFactory, over the years we have found some great stuff from our Northern neighbors and this set Solid Soul is absolutely no exception. Volume 2 which I acquired back in 2019 was a bit of letdown. With 90% of the album focused on showcasing alternative hip hop (and with the main focus on Nigel Williams and his awful group The Pocket Dwellers), it is something that I don’t listen to all that often. Though I was disappointed, it was then that I discovered this album was actually a continuation from a CD that I had long since had in my want list and finally at the beginning of the year, I was at last able to get it. Unlike the second volume this set is 100% R&B and aside from the compulsory tracks by Carlos Morgan and Wade O. Brown (who are both great in their respective ways), there is a lot of great stuff here that you won’t find anywhere else not limited to “She Knows” by Meesah, “Everything and Anything” by 360 and “You Did Me Wrong” by Divine Earth Essence (aka Michelle “Divine” Brown or Boo Boo Brown from her earlier work.) Why Volume 2 was not of this same caliber I don’t know but it seems the original label Masiv Music shut up shop at the turn of the millennium and licensed their music out to somebody else. 
Meesah - Ride Wit Me 4:11 
Carlos Morgan - Watcha Got 3:51 
Divine Earth Essence - You Did Me Wrong 3:41 
Wade O Brown - No Other Woman 4:19 
Kaybe - I Cant Love You 4:13 
Fara - Pretty Brown (Dappas Mix) 5:20 
360 - Everything & Anything 5:48 
Wade O brown - Give Me The Chance 4:29 
Meesha - She Knows 4:30 
Simply E - Na Na 4:41 
Carlos Morgan - Watcha Got (Audiolab Remix) 3:26