Friday, March 4, 2022

Perry Morgan: East London's Finest

Mixtape EP from soulful East London singer Perry Morgan, who was compared to a diverse spectrum of well-known artists from yesteryear such as Nate Dogg, Deano (H-Town), John Legend and many others. Mostly known for featuring on Wiley's song "Nothing About Me" from 2007, he also provided vocals for songs such as Slim Dutty's "Look Too Good" and "London News" by Sway, J2K and Baby Blue (2007.) His style was mostly unique though from the futuristic "Get With Me" to the orchestral-driven and fast-paced "My People" to the acoustic chill-soul of "Let It Go." Standout tracks for me include "Get With Me" (as featured on this compilation here) and the very mid-2000s schmaltzy slow jam "Wifey Material" (which can be found on the following compilation "Dam Good Soul Vol. 1".)