Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Obscure UK white labels: two hits and a miss

Always on the hunt for obscure white labels that nobody has posted yet, we again found ourselves down the wild back alley of Discogs. Every year or so we do this and mostly we have found a lot of great stuff (this for instance.)  The cream of the crop this year is undoubtedly “Calling Me Back”, a dreamy mid-tempo fronted by a unknown female vocalist. The track was written by a former collaborator with MJ Cole who, along with Elizabeth Troy, featured on tracks from his “Sincere” album back in the day. There may be some sort of connection to the UK Garage scene although the original version of the track appears to be of the garage house genre. Coming in a close second is female singer-songwriter Kamari with her vehement ode to back-stabbers ”I Won’t Let U Get 2 Me.” As described in DJ Zone’s DJ Magazine “The combination of her voice and lyrics are expertly crafted with his production genius and signified with the use of a melodic lightly played guitar, that adds a depth and a touch, not heard for a long time and definitely different from all the above mentioned UK females (Ms. Dynamite, Jamilia et al.) The original version is preferred over the remix although I appreciate she took the time to re-record the vocals. She was looking to record a "soulful" album with jazz influences (her influences ranged from Jill Scott to Erykah Badu)  although whether it was released or not, I can't say. Subsequent stuff released by the label show no mention of her at all. Her producer was said to have worked with US rapper Nelly although I could not find any information linking the two. As for the final find, well…it appeared to have ties to a house and garage label although the main edit sounds more like something N’Sync would’ve done back in the day. Not a great fan of this although the garage mixes aren't too shabby.