Wednesday, March 16, 2022

From Toronto to Wolftown, more interesting finds from the UK

From the UK, more great R&B music hidden away on little-known compilations that most people may not have heard of. The first Thomas Maxwell was native to Jamaica but emigrated to Canada in his early teens. He first became interested in music after seeing two of his friends performing on stage and by the mid-90s had taken an extended vacation in the UK where he came out as a top contender in several talent competitions. Musically influenced by the Church and by artists such as Luther Vandross, Johnny Gill and R. Kelly, he recorded “No Hurry” in the late 90s and it soon found its way onto a compilation CD where he got a rave review: “Thomas Maxwell: The Artist to Look out for.” It was released as an actual single at the turn of the millennium though the version on the compilation CD features different, more upbeat production. Whether this was the original version I can’t say but the versions on the CD single (released in 2000) have a very mid-90s vibe about them. Also another surprising find was Syrona Ma’rie whose catchy tracks were the gem of another interesting find out of Wolverhampton, solidifying the British Midlands once again as a place to go to for great underground R&B music. In the words of Rago Magazine: “This album isn't all strictly Hip-Hop, but is definitely something that fans of good UK urban music should check. Splashings of R'n'B, raga, hip-hop and pure club bangers come from this new crew from Wolverhampton City (better known as Wolftown). Featuring beats by Rico Levant and raps from his brother Dezert Rhino, alongside Angel Lee, Syrona Marie and Steela this mixtape CD is a superb introduction from a crew with bags of talent. On the real, the girls in the crew have the singing flex on lock. Sweet summer style vocals oozing of fruit! ....” Check out Ma’rie’s later music here.