Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Warren Stacey: From Popstars to Def Jam

Along with Terri Walker and Aaron Soul, former Popstars Finalist Warren Stacey (real name Warren Jituboh) was yet another very brief singing to Def Soul UK in the early 2000s. After failing to make it into the resulting group, he managed to bag himself a 5-album deal reportedly worth at least $1 million and was soon packed off to the US to work with big name producers on his debut album which would be “guaranteed to impress.” He also had the backing of Lynden David Hall’s former manager and Kwame Kwaten of D’Influence, but after only one single “My Girl, My Girl” nothing further was heard from him. Despite working with big name US producers such as Tricky Stewart and Warryn Campbell, he was determined to stick with his humble British roots. He said that he didn’t want to sing about “Bentleys and Hoes” as that just wasn’t him. Indeed, he came across as rather clean-cut. I guess he never could shake off those Popstars roots. Vocally he was a tad wet behind the ears but nothing that a few more years in the industry could not fix. It was a shame that he never got the chance. “When anybody compares me to anyone else I don't mind because there's always someone who's been there before you. It’s cool if somebody needs someone to compare you to, to describe what you do, then it’s cool...but I'm a bit perplexed when they say I look like Craig David though!!!” (2001)
Scared    3:15
Ayo    3:52
Alright Alright    3:19
Hot 4 U    3:18
Falling 4 A Stranger    4:14
My Girl    3:22