Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Surprising finds on "White Label" CDs

Rare underground tracks from a wide variety of underground UK artists, including unreleased tracks from mid-90s Croydon crooners Peace By Piece known for their single “Sweet Sister” in 1996. The song earned them a MOBO Award for Best Newcomers but they left Warner Records shortly after. On their debut album, they worked with Cutfather & Joe, Linslee Campbell and Derek Bramble (Jaki Graham) but it seemingly never had a very wide-release due to them leaving their label. In 2002, they were planning a return to music, describing their sound as "urban UK classic soul” but sadly nothing much ever became of that either despite hopes of collaborations with Craig David and other well-known UK stars at the time. Following the web address given in the booklet here, it seemed more than anything they wanted to branch into production. Prior to this, group member Trea Fisher had produced tracks for Beverley Knight, Tymes 4 and others. Tracks by them here are billed as “Urban Kings featuring PXP” but as per the inlay, appear to be written and produced by the group members themselves. Was this possibly a moniker for their production name? A further track by them features an unknown female vocalist "Nessa".