Tuesday, February 8, 2022

David's Daughters: Album Sampler (ZTT Records, 1999)

Think of this duo much like a female version of Seal. Signed to his same record label (ZTT) and produced by his same producer Trevor Horn, they released only one single, the very up-beat ”Dreaming Of Loving You” and then disappeared. I have no idea what happened but their music, like Seal’s, was pretty much before it’s time. With a touch of rock, pop, soul and even drum’n’bass, they weren’t really a traditional contemporary R&B duo though much like Seal, did straddle the boundaries of pop music. They later provided back-up vocals to Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony’s “The Righteous Ones” off their 2000 album "Btnhresurrection" and recently “Dreaming Of Loving You” has been released to streaming with all the corresponding remixes. Were these girls better suited to hip hop and R&B music? Listen to both "The Righteous Ones" and "Desert Flower" below. 

Dreaming Of Loving You    4:11
Desert Flower    4:16
Is This Love?    4:00