Thursday, February 3, 2022

Ali (Alistar Tennant): Promo EP (200x)

Formally of the short-lived early 90s R&B quartet Rhythn-N-Bass, Tennant, who was blessed with a raw and soulful voice, released his debut album "Crucial" in 1998 via Polydor. Initially  he appeared to be pushed to the US market and many of his singles were released via Island Black Music (while it was still owned by PolyGram.) In Britain, his album went by the alternate title of "Bitter Honey" and appeared to be marketed by Polydor sub label at the time WildCard. At the turn of the millennium, he released "Do Your Thing" via independent label 3MV which was many of the great rare tracks chosen by me to feature on my "Best Of Street Beats" playlist a few years back. I have no idea where the above set came from but along with "Jamila" was one of many CDs found by my friend (a producer and former library musician) in amongst the bits and pieces he'd collected over the years. Tracks such as "Three Wishes" and "Do You Don't Ya" are very much uptempo contemporary R&B with the remainder (especially "Look What You're Doin'" staying true to his blues/soul roots. 

Three Wishes    3:29
Finally    3:28
Do Ya Don't Ya    3:30
Look What You're Doin'    4:03