Friday, January 14, 2022

Seven Universal Records: Maxi Player Set

More exclusive music from Dee Majek's Seven Universal label which again can be heard in its remixed form on Street Beats (Vol. 12.) The label itself were mostly known for their series of Beat Researcher mixtapes in the 90s and later for their work with U.S. artists such as Zakiya. Sadly the majority of it seemed to go unreleased but Dee did know quality when he saw it as demonstrated on tracks such as "One More Time" and "Lonely Nights" by Prime Directiv. He mainly spent his time promoting underground U.S. talent and later had success at MAPP Records. His main success to date seems to be for Derrick Dixon whose EP was released via UK label Stonegroove Recordings in 2000. The above two artists I know nothing about but Darnell seems to be a Bobby Brown-esque vocalist along the same lines as J'Son Thomas. "Little Bit Of Love" actually features replayed elements of New Edition's song of the same name while the other featured track here uses elements of The Commodores' 1977 song "Zoom". Hard to say whether it was clearance issues that stalled this project but this CD Maxi isn't very easy to find. 

For The Honeys (Single Version)    5:05
For The Honeys (Fly Honeys Mix)    5:22
For The Honeys (Club Mix)    4:44
A Little Bit Of Love (Single Version)    4:01
A Little Bit Of Love (Bonus Mix)    4:35