Monday, January 31, 2022

Mellody: Loving U (Comes Easy) (CDS) (Bloodline Management, 2001)

A further obscure find from a UK-based former producer and library musician. No information about the singer or her producer "Oriental" anywhere but was destined for big things in 2005 and appeared on a few tracks from UK underground rapper Yung Cross which never made it off mixtapes. Slightly underground sounding but has a captivating melody. Somewhat of a throw back to Ripperton's 1974 song but without the whistles.

         From in the inlay

This is the first of many sure fire hit singles that have set many pirate stations ablaze produced by upper coming from producer oriental. Look out for Mellody on fellow label mate and rising UK star MC X-DMC singles: "(That) Playa Cross" and "Special Girl". She's definitely heading for the top spot on all the biggest licensed radio stations. Amazing voice. amazing attitude - she's a star!