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Monday, January 31, 2022

Mellody: Loving U (Comes Easy) (CDS) (Bloodline Management, 2001)

A further obscure find from a UK-based former producer and library musician. No information about the singer or her producer "Oriental" anywhere but was destined for big things in 2005 and appeared on a few tracks from UK underground rapper Yung Cross which never made it off mixtapes. Slightly underground sounding but has a captivating melody. Somewhat of a throw back to Ripperton's 1974 song but without the whistles.

         From in the inlay

This is the first of many sure fire hit singles that have set many pirate stations ablaze produced by upper coming from producer oriental. Look out for Mellody on fellow label mate and rising UK star MC X-DMC singles: "(That) Playa Cross" and "Special Girl". She's definitely heading for the top spot on all the biggest licensed radio stations. Amazing voice. amazing attitude - she's a star! 

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Lisa Roxanne: Cars And Motorbikes (CDS) (The Bigpockets LTD., 2005)

Lewisham's, Lisa Roxanne was only 14-year's-old when she made headlines for signing a 4-album deal reportedly worth more than 1 million pounds. Her mother, a former singer with London soul group Loose Ends, wasn't entirely convinced that she had the stamina to succeed but she eventually won her over and landed a deal with New York-based Palm Pictures LLC., a label set up by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell. The deal made it to the tabloids in 2001 with the ill-informed comparisons to fellow teen pop starlet at the time Billie Piper, but she was streets ahead of her, Jamelia, Mumba and anybody else on the UK pop music scene at the time. Her vocals were on point, she could rap like Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez and her songs were incredibly catchy in a cheeky TLC-esque fashion. Sadly by the by the time her second single was released, she had officially become defunct despite appearances on Nickelodeon and at the MOBO Awards where she was happily posing on the red carpet with Left-Eye. Her album "Diary Of My Dreams" was never released. I don't know what happened but despite all the money pooled into her and Blackwell’s successes with such artists and groups as Bob Marley and U2, nothing happened for this girl who could’ve been amazing. 
Were her mother's doubts about her daughter's heart not entirely being in it justified after all? Or did the British public just have a dire taste in music? She performed at the Trafford Centre in Manchester where she was pretty much ignored in favor of Steps offshoot 3SL. As per a Guardian article in 2001, she was insistent on staying focused on her school work but she didn't just disappear. Following this, she had a song in the 2002 movie "Dirty Pretty Things" and then in 2004, did some work in the US for TV One’s new dating show at the time “Get the Hookup.” I was surprised to find a single for "Get The Hookup" on Amazon in the US a few years back where it had most likely been sitting unknown for years. It even had a b-side "If I Knew". Following this, she continued to record music and a mutual friend D, who had worked as a library musician in the past and had a huge haul of CDs that he'd been sent over the years to catalog, came across yet another one of her little-known releases here. Titled "Cars and Motorbikes", it was recorded in 2005 for an unknown project and in his words bore a slight similarity structurally to “Lap Dance” by N.E.R.D. It was produced by the same people behind some of her earlier songs (The Bigpockets) and is just as catchy. Once again, it was a shame she never made it beyond one single but I don't think Palm Pictures with its in reggae and alternative rock music, was the right label for her

Friday, January 14, 2022

Raise featuring Veba: I Got It (CDM) (Sub Dub Records Ltd., 1996)

From 90s street soul to early 2000s contemporary R&B a la Mary J. Blige and Destiny’s Child, a fresh new contribution from Lewic with Raise, who were possibly a pseudonym for 90s Asian production outfit Simon & Diamond (Simon & Diamond Duggal.) Best known for their work with Apache Indian, they went on to create a genre of their own from the marriage of Asian and Jamaican music heard around London the in early 90s but originally started out with a street soul tune called “No More (Making Love)” by an artist called Aretha Daye in 1992. The lead vocalist here is Veba (aka Beverly Green) who was mostly known for her vocal work with Rae & Christian in the late 90s and early 2000s. 

I Got It (Original Radio) 4:01 
I Got It (Street Basic) 4:54 
I Got It (Mikkel S.E) 3:53 
I Got It (Volcano Radio Edit) 4:07 
I Got It (Subdub Extended Vocal) 8:04 
I Got It (Star City Orchestra Remix) 6:46 

Seven Universal Records: Maxi Player Set

More exclusive music from Dee Majek's Seven Universal label which again can be heard in its remixed form on Street Beats (Vol. 12.) The label itself were mostly known for their series of Beat Researcher mixtapes in the 90s and later for their work with U.S. artists such as Zakiya. Sadly the majority of it seemed to go unreleased but Dee did know quality when he saw it as demonstrated on tracks such as "One More Time" and "Lonely Nights" by Prime Directiv. He mainly spent his time promoting underground U.S. talent and later had success at MAPP Records. His main success to date seems to be for Derrick Dixon whose EP was released via UK label Stonegroove Recordings in 2000. The above two artists I know nothing about but Darnell seems to be a Bobby Brown-esque vocalist along the same lines as J'Son Thomas. "Little Bit Of Love" actually features replayed elements of New Edition's song of the same name while the other featured track here uses elements of The Commodores' 1977 song "Zoom". Hard to say whether it was clearance issues that stalled this project but this CD Maxi isn't very easy to find. 

For The Honeys (Single Version)    5:05
For The Honeys (Fly Honeys Mix)    5:22
For The Honeys (Club Mix)    4:44
A Little Bit Of Love (Single Version)    4:01
A Little Bit Of Love (Bonus Mix)    4:35