Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Miceala Marie: Love Letter (EP) (201x)

From the Northwest, a 3 track demo from Bremerton, WA native Micaela Marie (later MicaelaT). No date of recording but as per the music video to one track “Love Letter” on You Tube, from 2012 quite possibly. Taken from her mini album “Writings On The Wall” which may or may not have been released but is available to stream in its entirety on The two other tracks here. “Hate When I Think of You” and “Can’t Explain” seem to be exclusive to here though and are very much late 2000s R&B with electronic beats, synths and sweeping piano sounds.
Love Letter    3:06
Hate When I Think Of You    3:16
Can't Explain    4:33