Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Chazz1: I Care 4 U (Self-Titled, 2000)

Further great R&B/soul music from Ohio and an earlier self-released version of a 2001 album that is in the possession of quite a few collectors. I don’t believe he is Milwaukee artist Chazz Dixon and I don’t believe he was affiliated with the Mississippi act Vintage. He is very similar to this artist that we posted back at the beginning of the year with classic soul vocals laid over smooth 90s keyboard sounds. The album is essentially the same as his 2001 release but for one or two different tracks and some alternative titling.Very enjoyable!

Deeper    4:17
Your Night    3:39
I Care 4 U    5:09
Look At Me Now    5:05
I'll Be There 4 U    4:38
When Your Away    5:14
Feelings Gone    4:51
What Ever U Want    4:42
The System    4:05
Hold On    3:04
Always The One    4:39
Just A Feeling    5:08