Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Serious Business: #1 (Aset, 1991)

Old radio station stock and another unknown modern soul/boogie outfit similar to The Executives which I posted back in 2019. Both had one single on Discogs but any albums from either of them you would be hard-pressed to find. All releases from the above label in particular seem to fetch quite high prices due to the scarcity. The music from this group, a sextuplet, is primarily early 90s boogie/soul music with “Don’t Waste My Time” truly outdoing it with the quintessential late 80s bombastic synths and saxophone sounds.
Talkin' Serious Business    3:50
Get On Up (Enjoy Yourself)    4:15
Forever In My Heart    5:29
United    4:30
Please Be Mine    4:33
Savoring Our Love    4:09
Feel My Love    4:42
Don't Waste My Time    3:47
Girl Of My Dreams    4:32
Don't Drink And Drive    4:44