Sunday, November 7, 2021

Random rap finds out of the EU

From Lewsic and his mate J, here are two random finds out of the EU that were seemingly never released. The first is a project from a Dutch hip hop/dance act Tasta Flava whose only single, an adaption of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car", was released in 1998. Written by Dutch rapper Andy Ninvalle, I don't think it got a very wide release - possibly owing to sample clearance issues - and almost everywhere was billed as being by Lumberjack featuring Tasta Flava. The label CNR Records was well-known, boasting homegrown artists such as Flip Da Scrip and even some big names such as 2Pac.The style is mostly smooth and funky pop-rap music with female vocals though "Everyday" and the very melodic "Love Is Calling" are both seemingly R&B/soul songs. The second is an unreleased project from Naila Boss, a UK underground rapper mostly known for her appearance in the top 10 hit “You Should Really Know” with The Pirates and Shola Ama in 2005. I usually don’t post straightforward hip hop music but I was actually quite surprised that I liked this artist; it’s not hardcore by any means but some great UK rap before the advent of mumbly fast rapping and awful grime music. There’s not much in-depth information about her but she hailed from Hackney and released her only solo single “La La La” in 2004. 

Tasta Flava: Fast Car (CDr, Promo) (CNR Recordsm 1998)
Fast Car (Acapella)    3:51
Everyday    4:15
Fast Car (Radio Version)    4:06
Got Me Waiting    4:23
Another Way    5:49
Madd Flava    4:10
Love Is Calling    6:49
Bad Boy (Nog Zonder Jozien-Version)    3:48
Naila Boss: Never Underestimate The Name (Album Sampler) (La Boss Records, 2004)
I Am The Boss    3:35
Luv Crazy    3:55
No Way    4:56
What    4:29
La La La    3:14