Monday, November 1, 2021

Prime Directiv featuring Sonia French: Promo EP (Seven Universal Records, 199x)

A further feature from Street Beats Series 2 (Volume 5) with Prime Directiv, a very obscure female R&B act that I first found out about after being given a few of their songs by another collector a few years back.  I didn’t know anything about them then, but the EP was supposedly promo only, and then while going through all of the Street Beats releases back last year to find all the obscurities, I found one of the songs “Sunshine” had been featured here… again not much information aside from the entity Savya Music which appeared to be associated with Earl Blaze, a hip hop producer from Brooklyn, NYC. A few months back Lewsic stumbled on the above promo which seemed to be on the same label as this lost gem. The label Seven Universal was known for their indie soul compilations and was based out of Essex (UK) but the main contributors to most if not all of the work were American with Earl Blaze and Ike Lee III being a former member of the short-lived male trio One II 3 in the early 90s. Despite being from the turn of the millennium, the style is very mid-90s smooth R&B and along with Zakiya’s second effort, it is baffling to me how it was somehow slept on. “Lonely Nights” is especially tantalizing. 

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Is There Any Wonder    4:54
Sunshine    4:03
Lonely Nights    4:26