Monday, November 15, 2021

More surprising finds on publishing CDs

Stevie Bensusen is a British songwriter who is somewhat of a hidden gem. Despite being primarily attached to pop music, I've come to find he has written quite a few songs that I have previously enjoyed including “You’re The One I Love” and “Much Love” by Shola Ama.  Here is a small selection of his later work with some tracks that made it onto albums by Jordan Knight, O-Town and others but I was surprised to see Canela and Damozel on here. Damozel’s track “Seal It With A Kiss” was recorded during their MCA days but was later given to Na’shay and appeared as “Seal It” on her 2009 album “R U Ready.” Both are pretty much identical in production and although the track finally surfaced in 2009, I believe that it and the rest of the album was recorded in 2003/2004. Canela's track "Sunny Days" was also recorded during her stint at DreamWorks Records but also never made it onto any finished version of her shelved debut album. The summery production sounds very much like Tim & Bob's but I am not 100% certain. It's a fantastic track. Also worth mentioning is the unreleased track from British vocalist Jud Mahoney, who was formally in a UK pop duo Alibi with his brother Kye in the late 90s. Championed by Michael Jackson for his solo work back in 2004, Mahoney came close to being signed to Jackson's MJJ label – they even wrote and recorded a song together – but due to the allegations against Jackson at the time, nothing was to come out of it in the end. Listening to his track here, you can definitely hear Jackson’s influence; he would’ve definitely given Justin Timberlake a run for his money had his work been released. Sadly Mahoney is yet to release an album but like Bensusen, has continued to pen songs for other artists.

When You're Lonely    4:47 (Jordan Knight)
No More    4:03 (A1)
Not A Place I Won't Miss    4:33 (O-Town)
Why    4:07 (Jud Mahoney)
Sunny Days    3:19 (Canela)
Seal It With A Kiss    4:02 (Damozel)
When You Really Love Somebody    3:49 (Damon Sharpe) (also seemingly unreleased)