Wednesday, November 24, 2021

LaJa' Ti-Rosch: Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Cassingle) (Pearl Records, 1991)

Old radio station stock with Kansas City gospel/R&B quartet LaJa Ti-Rosch, whose debut album “Like” was one of the first indie things that my co-contributor Stuaaart ever brought back in 2014. This single from them was not featured on the album which was mostly gospel in an early 90s New Jack/traditional style. There’s no holding back either with lyrics such as “he told me he gonna take me out to dinner, instead he brought me a beef & bean burrito from Taco Bells and a cup of water!” A great early 90s indie track with the b-side track "Believe N Yourself" being one of the better tracks on their album. 
Actions Speak Louder Than Words    4:38
Believe N Yourself    4:52