Sunday, November 7, 2021

Kandi Burruss: Don't Think I'm Not

Since buying her debut release “Hey Kandi” on a whim back in 2001 because I was looking for some female R&B with an "attitude", Kandi Burruss has been one of my favorites ever since. Although I have a particular soft spot for the earlier work she did with Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs, her later stuff has been just as solid with songs such as “How Could You…Feel My Pain”, “Leave U” and “Trade Him In” employing the same sassy attitude. About 6 years before the release of her sophomore album, Burruss and her former bandmate Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were working together under the alias of K.A.T. I don’t know if they were planning on forming a duo or were writing these songs to solicit to other acts but at least five of them surfaced on MySpace during the late 2000s. The duo had written quite a few songs together in the past including what was maybe Burruss’ biggest achievement to date TLC’s “No Scrubs” but to have an actual name attached to them definitely makes me think that they were more than just a writing partnership. The original version of “Whoot Dee Woo”, which as a TLC song was always pretty mediocre, sounds great here as does the original version of Kandi’s 2010 track “Superwoman” while slow tracks such as “Lace Me” and “Do Things” definitely give me Xscape vibes. “Come Clean” is probably my most favorite song of all though; there’s definitely something about Burruss lamenting on a woman being fed up that gets me every time. I was very upset when Xscape’s fourth album never materialized but listening to this CD is definitely more than the next best thing. Fantastic as always!
Lace Me 4:21 
Super Woman (Single Mother) 3:53 
Do Things 4:22 
Come With Me 3:52 
Come Clean 3:59 
Watching You 4:09 
The List (Available Song) 4:08 
Look At Me 3:48 
She 4:15 
Til The Club Close 3:39 
Whoot Dee Woo (TLC Greatest Hits) 4:17 
Lock Down 2:49