Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Fantastic R&B and G-Funk from Las Vegas, NV

Fantastic R&B and G-Funk from Mighty Plump Records, a small Las Vegas label that only seems to be known for one artist L.A. Down and his 1996 album “Promise II Funk” Containing many excerpts of songs by other artists that they had on their roster back then, not limited to female G-Funk MC Aqui (Alicia Taylor) and Jodeci-esque male artist Tate, not much else is known about them but Aqui released one single “Dance Let Your Body Flow” in 1996. Her tracks on the sampler were assumedly part of her album "Hands All Over Me" which may or may not have been released. 

Freak In Me    1:54 (Aqui)
Put Your Hands    2:18 (Aqui)
3 Strikes    1:55 (Aqui)
2 Night    1:34 (Aqui)
Fadin    2:08 (Aqui)
Nothins Changed    1:37 (Drayfist)
Hypnotic Funk    1:38 (M.P.C.)
Leavin Out My Life    1:52 (Machedi)
Funky Mic    1:43 (Machedi)
Hypnotic    1:42 (Machedi)
Groove    1:49 (Freddie Empire) (F.E. on vocals?)
My Heart    1:46 (F.E.)
Hey Girl    1:16 (F.E.)
247-365    2:34 (F.E.)
Love'll Be Waiting    1:41 (F.E.)
Hold Me    1:36 (F.E.)
Sweaty Love    1:26 (Tate)
Cash    1:32 (Tate)
Old Friends    1:48 (Tate)
Ghetto Booty    1:30 (Tate)
Hold On To Love    1:29 (Tate)
Be Watchin You    1:10 (Tate)
Don't Know Why    1:39 (Tate)
Bonus Track    1:46 (Tate)