Sunday, October 24, 2021

Tracy Lane: Demo (200x)

Further music from Long Beach with Tracy Lane (incorrectly listed as Tracy Kane), a male singer/songwriter that has remained pretty underground despite having a very contemporary R&B/soul sound. From the the blues-flavored "Life Of Mine" to the R. Kelly-esque “Hold It Down”, he was definitely an artist that didn’t belong in the background. There was no track list on the disc but the titles were retrieved from the Grace Note database so whether this set was released at some point independently, I cannot say. He performed a lot with fellow Long Beach artist RIDIKULE and even appeared on a few of his tracks, but aside from one single “Cold World” which was released in 2018, there’s nothing else that seems to be widely available from him. 
Mate    4:59
Rules    3:55
Girl    2:29
Streets Of Mine    4:01
Retarded Bounce    4:03
Girl (U Know That I Want It)    3:56
Perfect Lady    3:52
My Pops    4:12
Spell    5:10
Life Of Mine    4:33
Imperfections    3:43
Hustla    3:29
Hold It Down    3:55