Sunday, October 3, 2021

Mary J. Blige: More unreleased from the "Share My World" era

Over the years I have sampled many unreleased cuts from Mary’s albums and this is by far one of my favorites. Featuring production from Erick Sermon, it was yet another track cut from the “Share My World” album that up until now had only been available on a mix tape. It is probably one of Mary’s hardest tracks to find without shouting all over it but it seems the original source recording originated from the above promo-only tape which predated the album's eventual name. The three other scrapped tracks “Everyday”, “Would You” (aka “Paradise”) and “Always Be My Baby” (aka “Where You Are) do not appear but the b-side track “Don’t Walk Away” does. Before now I never knew that this was a contender for the album but I understand why they left it off in the end. Though it does not have the same crossover appeal that Jerkins’ tracks had for the album, “When I’m With You” on the other hand oozes "old skool" hip hop greatness and would not have sounded out of place following "Keep Your Head" or "Love Is All We Need" on the finished album. Many thanks again to Bert Fartencauf for the contribution!

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