Sunday, October 24, 2021

Marcia: Demo (''O'' Productions, 200x)

Another unknown from the New York area and somewhat of a chance find in a lot of underground hip hop CDs. No information about the artist but aside from a few features on some underground rap tracks, the music is contemporary R&B with a smooth, mostly timeless sound and a slight but sweet vocal. Top tracks include the smooth R&B-flavored "Be Real" and the fantastic rendition of Antia Baker's "Angel". 
You're The Only One 3:30 
Feeling You 4:27 
Ride With You 3:21 
Mad At The World 3:57 
Who Am I 3:14 
Swing It 4:15 
Be Real 4:39 
The Time Is Now 4:11 
Angel 5:11 
Giving You All 1:53 
Hold On Me 4:50 
When It's All Over 4:17 
I Ain't The One 3:57