Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Ala: You Know To Turn Me On (Promo EP) (199x)

Another obscurity from Maryland and a blend of New Jack Swing and modern soul for grown folks. No label or artist information to be found – there is no artwork - but the sound is very early 90s with real instrumentation and great soul vocals. "I'm So Ready" is particularly divine but also includes a great remake of Regina's "Dream In Color" and "Tell Me", a reply somewhat to Lionel's "Hello". 

Dream In Color (Remake) 3:18 
Undivided Attention 4:11 
Live For You 3:43 
You Know How To Turn Me On 4:33 
Tell Me 5:09 
When I'm With You 5:14 
I'm So Ready 4:24 
I Just Can't 2:29