Sunday, September 19, 2021

More unsigned heat from GA: Daylon Alexander

Born in Chicago, raised in Little Rock, AK and now based in The Bronx, NY, here is another find from the defunct community radio station in Atlanta, GA. With the musical prowess of R. Kelly and the swagger of an MC, Alexander’s music is smooth and full of emotion. Backed by the infamous DJ Enuff, he was a rising star back in ’03 but is still sadly unsigned despite having appeared on stage with some of the towering giants of the industry. His first EP Days Of Night can be found on Amazon.
“With a captivating allure, and a voice that can roll like thunder and yet, still hit every bittersweet note. Daylon Alexander has the ability to lay women in trances, or to politically sway the mind of those oppressed. Whether you are snapping away dancing to his upbeat persona, or laying on your couch reminiscing of a past love, Daylon will move you.” – Reverbnation.

DJ Enuff/ You Want It 4:57
First Sight 4:02
Back Up! 2:45
Cheatin 4:23
4-Play 5:05
Daddy's Home 4:09
Stunna 3:10
Rodeo 1:03
Is What It Is 3:29
All Or Nothin 4:19
To Mama 4:52