Saturday, September 25, 2021

Mixtape artist from Long Beach: Shy But Flyy

Early work from Long Beach-based artist Shy But Flyy and one of three mixtapes that she did in the mid-2000s before she decided to transition to blues, jazz and spoken word music instead. These days she plays center stage at local blues festivals but back in her early days was just one of many trying to make it on the R&B scene with her slinky vocals and sexy street image. Over the years, she has kept her name which seemed more suited to an MC than a vocalist but her music and image are vastly different. For me the highlight is definitely the gorgeous track "Love Is" but I need to give a shout out to "Give In And Up", for its sample of the backing track to "Me & U" by Cassie which most likely came out at around the same time. 

Dro City Intro    1:23
What It Is    3:01
Low Key    3:39
LOVE    4:25
Girlfriend (Original)    2:25
We On Top    1:28
Give In And Up    3:00
Maybe Tonite    3:21
So Flyy    1:34
Outro    0:45