Yolanda "La La" Brown & iCandi

The forgotten Midwest R'n'B duo that met a tragic end.


Unreleased from 2001, Ne-Yo as "Shaffer".

Mya's Liberation

Mya's doomed fourth album.

Girl Power!

Unreleased R'n'B/UK Garage from 2001.

From Tha'Rayne To The First Seed

Unreleased Yummy Bingham from 2006.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Umoja featuring TNO: Get Cha Wet (Promo Single) (Versachild-Black Phoenix Recordings, 1998)

From a now defunct community radio station in Atlanta, Georgia, another underground gem from 1998 and primarily a smooth R&B outfit with southern hip hop influences and sexy and titillating lyrics. There’s nothing about them anywhere but the song was said to be taken from the then-forthcoming album “The Sea.” Along with Kaize Adams, Andre and Michael Hall, definitely one of my highlights thus far of 2021.

Get Cha Wet - Radio 4:44 
Charge It To The Game 4:48 
Get Cha Wet (Seamix) Radio 3:27 
Get Cha Wet (Album) 4:44 
Get Cha Wet (Seamix) Album 3:26 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Andre: The Truth (Demo EP) (Tear Drops Productions, 199x)

Along the same lines as the artist above, here is another fantastic find from a now-defunct community radio station in Atlanta, Georgia which fortunately - despite being another quite old CDr - did play perfectly from beginning to end. Highlights for me are the gorgeous mid-tempo cut "Sorry" and the smooth 90s chill R&B vibe "Can I Kick It"...both very well written and produced by the artist himself who I believe is this guy here. According to a Japanese article sourced online, it seems he hailed from Houston, Texas although I am not 100% certain. 

Sorry    5:16
Sexy Got It    3:19
Can I Kick It    3:47
Jesus Love    4:25

Michael Hall: Millennium Soul (Demo EP) (LeSong.com, 2000)

Another absolute gem, which again came from the same defunct community radio station in Atlanta, Georgia. Hailing from Jonesboro, not much is known about him or his producer (DeShan Bowers) but the music is old school R&B at its finest with soulful, smooth vocals. "Sexy Little Playgirl" in particular is an absolute delight to listen to though the song and another (track 3) are very much ruined by disc rot. 

Sexy PlayGirl    4:06
The Heat Is On    4:39
Sweet Lady    4:45

Kaize Adams: Self-Titled EP (CBX/One Stop LLC., 1997)

From a defunct community radio station in Atlanta, another underground gem from 1997 and a mixture of 90s R&B, New Jack Swing and gorgeous modern soul with Bobby Brown-esque flava. The artist, who hails from Columbia SC, had aspirations to become an R&B singer straight out of High School before God showed him that R&B music wasn't for him. In an interview with UK Gospel website Cross Rhythms.co.uk, he said "God showed me that R&B wasn't me. It didn't reflect what I was all about, and the lifestyle and content of some lyrics didn't line up to my beliefs, my character. Gospel music, on the other hand, did." He released "Testimony" in 2003 and the rest is history, but in my humble opinion his R&B work should not be discounted. "Teach Me How To Love" in particular is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. 

The 1-4-Me    4:33
Cool Night    3:42
Love Possibility    3:29
You Are My Lady    6:08
The 1-4-Me (Remix Edit)    5:05
Teach Me How To Love    3:57
Cool Night (Remix Edit)    3:42
Outro    1:33