Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Dee C. Lee: Sampler (Promo) (199x)

Unreleased music from Dee C Lee, a former backing singer for Wham! and later a member of The Style Council in the early 80s. As a solo artist, she released 3 albums between 1986 and 1998 but her career overall spans more than 35 years. I am guessing these tracks were recorded for her 1998 album "Smiles" ("Don't You" did eventually make it on to the album) but the other two are seemingly unreleased. While her earlier 80s work pretty much picked up from where Style Council left off, her stuff in the 90s is a lot more downtempo. Sadly much of it was never released in the UK. 
Don't You    5:00
Dreaming    4:54
Say    3:10