Tuesday, August 3, 2021

B-15 Project: Album Sampler (Promo) (Relentless Records, 200x)

Being formally from Britain, UK Garage remains to be somewhat of a hidden interest of mine outside of contemporary R&B music. Back when it was just great music to dance to, the above duo - from Birmingham - enjoyed brief success in the UK Charts with a top 10 hit "Girls Like Us" which I never seemed to have heard back then. Originally signed to a record label co-owned by two members of UB40, their music was a blend of 2-Step, speed garage, dub and Jamaican Dance Hall music. Sadly despite the popularity of UK Garage at the time, their album was never released. This was possibly due to sample clearance issues although I am not 100% certain. They may have been at the forefront of adding toasting to UK Garage music, later inspiring others to do the same. These were two genres which worked quite well together as the later popularity of female trio Mis-Teeq would later show. 
Rock Ya 4:03 
Girls Like Us 4:57 
Let The Games Begin 4:09 
Birmingham Crew 5:13 
Everyone Falls In Love 3:45 
Love & Music 2:58