Friday, July 16, 2021

Twise: Bounce/1. 2. 3 (VLS) (PAID Music, 200x)

Prior to carving out quite a resume for herself in the film industry, Tika Sumpter was one half of a musical duo Twise with NYC-based rapper PreCISE (Marcella Brailsford.) Described as having 'the issue-tackling sincerity of "TLC", and the “block party ready vibe of "Salt & Pepa...", they released one single “Uh-Huh” for Universal Records in 2001. Producer Terence Abney noted back in 2001 "I missed the fun approach and social impact that acts like TLC and Salt & Pepa offered to hip hop music, TWISE revisits that in a unique way, they have a lot to offer the world through their music." Following this they appeared together on a few compilations and at some point released the above 12” via Abney’s PAID Music label. I don’t know if the tracks originated from their time at Universal but “Bounce” in particular was said to be lifted from their PAID Music debut aptly titled “THINK-TWISE”. 

Now returning with their follow up single "Bounce" an ode to the custom auto lifestyle (they own a convertible 1970 Cadillac Coup Deville) and their bass heavy PAID Music debut "THINK-TWISE". TWISE is prepared to bring some fun back to hip hop and push the known boundaries of R&B. Songs like the southern bounce meets rock tinged flavor of Superstar and the back and forth melodic wordplay of the albums title track Think-Twise do just that. Sexy additions like Un-wrapped and the teeming on electronic Fly Girl certainly make a case for pushing the envelope. Then there's the personal and emotionally caressing Questions. "It's a song about coming to terms and dealing with Depression. The question is what happened to the vibrant and full of life girl I used to be" Says Tika "and how do I get back to her?" Its a powerful song and a very real question for many people. TWISEs music exudes independence, self esteem and respect. It is common practice to compare hot female groups to each other, but with this groups new look of a singer and a rapper. Paired with statuesque looks, hot chocolate complexions and sexy attitudes. TWISE will remain set apart from the rest, and most definitely have you THINK TWISE!! -SoundClick
I don’t know if it was ever released but at one point, Sumpter was offering samples of various tracks through her official website and then back in 2015, a quite random chap contacted me via my old email address and very kindly informed me that he had some type of unreleased album by the duo; I just wasn’t to ever get it as I didn't have anything 'rare' enough to offer up in return apparently. By 2004 Sumpter's acting career had already taken off and her time in Twise was quickly forgotten about as she forged ahead with her acting career. Regardless, there was definitely a niche in the market for this edgy duo at the time and with the right team behind them I believe they could've gone somewhere, even if just for one album.
Bounce - Main mix 3:50 
Bounce Instrumental 3:52 
Acapella 3:30 
Main mix 2:56 
Instrumental 2:55 
Acpaella 2:55 
Bounce (Chopped & Screwed Mix) 5:10