Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Songwriters: Kenya Nelson & Jimmy Roach

More songwriter demos from music publisher BugMusic containing (as far as I am aware) unreleased productions from two little known songwriters with quite interesting backstories. The first, Kenya Nelson, I believe may be related to Marc Nelson, a former member of Boyz II Men, Az Yet and more recently super group The Blayse. He did some writing and backing vocals on Marc’s 1999 album “Chocolate Mood” but despite having a name for himself, he always seemed to be in the background. He is an adept vocalist, having recorded and performed his own song “Forever Love” in 2012 (available to download at the digital music store of your choice.) All songs here are performed by him with the exception of “Man It Up” which is performed by an unknown female vocalist. The second Jimmy Roach is primarily a guitarist – he started out paying for the likes of Ike Turner and Bobby Womack - but has worked with quite a few contemporary R&B and hip hop artists over the years. He is mostly known for his work on Snoop’s “Last Meal” album and the track “Bring It On”. Produced for his production company Roach Power Music, these are guitar-driven, funk and blues-laced contemporary R&B songs with mostly male vocals. A few sound unfinished and one track “Gave Me Your Love” is entirely instrumental. Altogether two quite interesting finds from BugMusic which I have very rarely seen anything but adult contemporary rock and pop music from. In 2011 the company was brought and absorbed into BMG Rights Management but much of their back catalog can still be found online.

Kenya Nelson
Man It Up    3:25
My World    3:16
Cry For You    4:53
Let's Go    3:20

Jimmy Roach
Good Times    2:54
Gave Me Your Love    1:53
Never Say Never    3:38
Time After Time    4:08
The Way We Were    2:56