Sunday, July 11, 2021

S-ence: Free (CDM) (Brothers Organization, 1998)

Another well-known release in indie circuits and seemingly part of the street soul movement in the mid to late 90s. A duo, they had a few singles out in the late 90s and the above release appears to be the only CD release that they ever did. A cover of Denise Williams’ song of the same name (which has pretty much been covered by everyone), the original is straight up street soul while the R’n’B edit turns it into a seductive slow groove. Sadly most of their other singles – owing to them being monopolized by collectors with quite ridiculously deep pockets – are a bit beyond what I would ever pay for them. Many thanks again to Lewsic to his continued contributions. 
Free (Radio Edit)    3:27    
Free (Garage Edit)    3:57    
Free (R'n'B Edit)    4:04    
Free (Soul Mix)    3:58    
Groove Thing    4:31