Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Glenda Leigh Lewis: A classic soul singer with a contemporary edge

Big bass lines juxtaposed with classic soul-sounding vocals, here are a few more phat R&B releases from out the UK that not many people know about. The singer is unknown but a few notable people appear in the credits including Lloydie Crucial and Orlando “Soul Town” Gittens. Both “Serve You Right” and “Innocent Child” were said to be taken from a movie that was forthcoming “Tuff Street” but it was either non-existent or just extremely underground. The label also called “Tuff Street” again is not widely known about but was distributed by Jet Star. They had one more notable artist in their repertoire, British MC Phoebe 1. Some great sounding late 90s UK R&B here but I have to laugh at the ‘tingling’ description on Discogs.
It's The Middle (Of The Night) (CDM) (Tuff Street, 1998) 
It's The Middle (Of The Night) [Street-Wise Club Mix Featuring Sneaze and Baby G.] 4:16 
It's The Middle (Of The Night) [Full Vocal Radio Mix] 3:25 
Wherever You Are (Full Vocal Mix) 4:29 
Wherever You Are (Da' Boom Mix Featuring Juxi-DeMUS) 3:46 
Wherever You Are (Garage Radio Mix) 4:13 
Wherever You Are (Rolling Bass-Line Dance-Mix Featuring JUXI-DeMUS) 4:17  
I'll Be Your Friend (EP) (Tuff Street, 1999) 
Serves You Right 3:41 
Serves You Right (Remix) 3:30 
I'll Be Your Friend 4:04 
Innocent Child 3:51 
Wherever You Are (Club Dance Mix) 5:39