Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Various: Sexy Lingerie (So Much, So Little) (LewLew Productions, 2004)

Despite the name and title, this is a very underground compilation of contemporary R&B, rhythm and blues and gorgeous modern soul tracks featuring mainly female artists. Produced by Rich Cason (a hidden but quite prolific player on the LA boogie/funk scene since the late 70s), notable features include California native Elyse Branch, Austin’s Kat Webb and many, many more. It is from 2004 but many of the recordings sound like they were from the 90s at the very least with the vast majority of them unmastered from seemingly original analog tape sources. For me, the highlight is most definitely Web's "How You Gonna Love Me", which is a gorgeous incarnation of late 80s boogie soul at its very best. The only male artist Just Love I know nothing about but the track is upbeat funky blues with a contemporary edge.

Sexy Lingerie    4:38    Just Love ft. Phenom
A Gift For You    3:56    Elyse Branch
Last Night    4:44    Elyse Branch
How You Gonna Love Me    4:37    Kat Webb
Don't Want A Partime Lover    3:17    Jackie McNeal
The Pleasure Is All Mine    4:36    Jackie McNeal
See The Rain    4:12    Jackie McNeal
Such A Silly Way    3:56    Jackie McNeal
I'll Make Love Easy For You    4:03    Jackie McNeal
Unmistakably You    3:54    Virginia 'Kim' Fowler
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet    4:31    Kat Webb
Let's Treat Each Night Like Christmas Eve    4:28    Joyce Cronin