Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Nu Vibe: Where Did We Go Wrong (CDM) (Slip N Slide Records, 199x)

From Opa Locka, FL, a very old skool R&B/soul group consisting of three brothers David, Christopher and Jeffrey Jones and their friends Carlton Williams and Charles Bell who had a similar “grown up” sound to many of the early 90s male soul harmony groups from the early 90s. They started out signed to Miami FL label Slip N Slide records, which in the early 2000s gained recognition for artists such as J-Shin and Trina, and were also signed to bass/freestyle label Vision Records. They haven't been documented much which is why I am posting them here but their other single "Stay Together" is on streaming from the label and is highly recommended listening for real R&B music lovers. 

Extended Version    4:02
Radio Mix    6:26
Vert Mix    5:56