Sunday, May 23, 2021

XxPression Compilation CD Volume 1 (XxPression Entertainments/Ace of Jacks Records, 2006)

“At the heart of unsigned talent in the UK”, here is another unique find from Lewsic with a few redeeming R&B/soul tracks that you won’t find anywhere else. The hip hop is typical mid-2000s sample-heavy stuff while the stuff with more crossover appeal is a mixture of neo soul and contemporary R&B with jazzy vocals. There’s no information about any of the artists featured but the label Ace of Jacks Records appears to still be active and is an Entertainment and Media company based out of London. 
Intro "CD Sampler"    1:04    Various Artists
Ghet-To Know    3:16    Rapid
Advanced    3:03    Luca
The Champions 2005    2:31    Phoenix Black
The Senses    3:26    Luca Feat. Jimi Whispers & Rapid
Sekkle Down    3:51    Keezaman
Triz Biz    3:50    Full Triz
On Da Telly    3:05    Rapid
Shades Of Love    3:51    Tobi
Intermission "Contact Details"    0:41    Various Artists
The Pain    3:49    Imagery Feat. Intrigue
Black Featherz (Remix)    3:12    Luca Feat. Ace Of Jacks
Nightmare    3:51    Amman
Ideal World    3:08    A.M.M.O
Raindrops    3:36    Geebag
Take Your Time    3:29    Nita
Sweetalker    3:51    Amman Feat. Luca
Come Together (RMX)    2:29    Phoenix Black
Toolz On Road (RMX)    4:08    Rapid
Let You Know    3:35    Shanique
Summertime Loving    4:05    JP Feat. Sherona Knight
Outro "Accreditation"    0:53    Various Artists