Wednesday, May 26, 2021

More indepednent urban music from Nottingham

Further urban music with Raw Talent, a Nottingham-based collective that has been in development since 1999. As per their website, their aim was to “write for, produce, and develop artists”, “putting them on the right road for music deals.” They had some good intentions – their “Stop The Violence” message spearheaded a national campaign and caught the attention of many notable UK artists back then – but the music here is sadly somewhat unmemorable. There are a few half-decent R&B tracks in among the overabundance here of noise, mostly of the grime genre. The collective’s biggest success seems to be their “Stop The Violence” CD which reached no52 on the National Urban Charts. Notable members include Lee Wolfe and Denzie, the latter of which gained some notoriety on the UK Garage scene with his 2000 single “Sorry (I Didn’t Know)”.