Sunday, May 23, 2021

London I Showcase 1: Like It, Love It, Live It (London I Records, 2004)

From London, the first of two rather hip hop heavy compilations with a few redeeming R&B/soul tracks that you won’t find anywhere else. This particular one is a little too heavy on the ragga for me; the label London I or London Individuals was mostly a reggae and dancehall label and a vast majority of their catalog was on 7” vinyl only but there is a gem in the female singer Lee-Anne who is fantastic at singing both reggae and contemporary R&B. “It’s Alright” has since gone on to become one of my absolute favorites. 
Disc 1
Intro    0:14    C.o.L.I.n
Think You're Gonna Get Away    3:22    C.o.L.I.n, Lee-Anne, Kastro, Callybud
Hot Lava    3:36    C.o.L.I.n, Kastro
Pretty Dangerous/Bad Girls Anthem    3:35    C.o.L.I.n, Callybud
Get Out    3:40    C.o.L.I.n, Lee-Anne
Pum Pum Town    4:06    C.o.L.I.n, Kastro, Callybud, Javier el Canario
Cha, Gonna Get You Girl    4:32    C.o.L.I.n, Kastro, Callybud
Disco Bud/Tonight    4:45    C.o.L.I.n, Callybud, Kastro
Get Down Tonight/Shake Your Booty    4:00    C.o.L.I.n, Lee-Anne
Like That    3:21    Kastro
Life    3:43    Callybud
L.I. Here We Go    4:06    Lee-Anne, Callybud
Secure My Love    5:05    Lee-Anne

Disc 2
It's Alright 4:07 Lee-Anne
We're Here For Them Things 3:21 C.o.L.I.N, Kastro
What Is It About 3:19 Callybud
This Is How My Crew Roll 4:12 C.o.L.I.N, Kastro, Lee-Anne
L.I. Is Keeping It Real 3:57 Lee-Anne, Nadine
Wont It 3:32 C.o.L.I.N, Callybud
Carry On (Rendition of Kunta Kinte) 6:26 C.o.L.I.N, Lee-Anne, Callybud
Look Into My Eyes 3:54 Lee-Anne, Callybud
It's That Time Again 4:33 C.o.L.I.N, Kastro
You Are The Sunshine In My Life 3:27 Lee-Anne, Callybud
Still Falling For You 4:38 Lee-Anne, Castro
Comes Back Around To You 4:29 Lee-Anne