Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Ladies First: Album Demos (Promo) (Polydor, 200x)

When Mis-Teeq were at the top of their game in the early 2000s, it didn’t take long for other similar female groups to surface in the UK. One notable one was the Ceri Evans-backed Ladies First who were mostly known for their single “Messin’” which made little impact on the charts in 2001. For anybody who doesn’t know, Evans is probably better known by his stage name of Sunship and was known for his catchy 2-Step tunes back in the day. “Flowers” by Sweet Female Attitude and Mis-Teeq’s “All I Want” were both top 5 hits in the early 2000s and then there was the myriad of remixes he did for well-known artists such as Gabrielle, Mary J Blige, Christina Aguilera and others back then. Comprised of 3 classy ladies: former BBC Wales DJ Leanne (aka DJ Precious) Mel and Sasha, Leanne apparently left Ladies First before the release of “Messin’”, their first mainstream single, and things just went downhill from there. The two remaining members continued as a duo for a brief time, releasing the Nu-Shooz cover “I Can’t Wait”, but they were gone completely by 2003. It was probably just as well as UK Garage was shortly to evolve into something a lot grittier and darker with the popularity of groups and artists such as So Solid Crew, Ms. Dynamite and others. There was simply no place for the fun pop stuff anymore. As for Ladies First, they had a great 2Step/urban-pop sound which if they were able to capitalize on properly back in 2001, I am sure would’ve worked out for them. The Sunship-produced “Kiss The Sunshine” in particular was another catchy garage tune like “Flowers” but didn’t get the proper promotion back when it was released. Sadly by the time “I Can’t Wait” hit the charts, I think it was just too late for them – even if Leanne had stayed with the group – as the music industry tends to move on pretty quickly. Many thanks again to Lewsic for picking up this much sought-after gem!
Both "Messin'" and "I Can't Wait" do not appear. 
Ladies First    3:48
Kiss The Sunshine    5:34
Kiss The Sunshine (Vocal)    5:30
Kiss The Sunshine (Dub)    5:53
Last Chance    3:31
Watching You Tonight    3:57
No More Tears    3:56
No More Tears (Remix Idea)    3:32
Switched Off    2:58
Your Love    5:39
Vibe    3:26
Gucci Galore    3:27
Independent    4:49
It's Too Late    3:46