Sunday, May 9, 2021

JR: Up On Your Love (Mini-LP) (Global i Entertainment, 1998)

Touted as one of the most ‘erotic artists to come from Manchester, England in the last decade’, JR was another artist signed to UK Midland’s-based label Global I Entertainment in the late 90s that had a fantastic sound. Like a mix of TLC type swagger with the sex appeal and sophistication of fellow Mancunian Lisa Stansfield, she released the above set in 1998. It spawned one single “Lay With Me” which was released in 1999. Along with Fyza’s track, it also made an appearance on one of the rarer Street Beats volumes from Series 2 (Vol. 11). While Fyza’s album was a double CD set complete with a 14-page booklet, it seemed the label didn’t push the boat out that much on this particular vocalist. The above set is 7 tracks in length and the artwork – aside from the short but sweet write up on her – is as unimpressive as they come with no pictures or hints as to who she is. You really know a label is skimping when you get an album in a slim jewel case usually meant for singles but perhaps it was just a matter of cost. Regardless, if you enjoyed Fyza’s album then you will most definitely enjoy this very sexy escapade from the heart and soul of Manchester. Many thanks again to my UK contributor Lewsic who owns and brought an original copy.
Up On Your Love 4:31 
Over You 3:14 
Choose Me 3:19 
Lay With Me 4:21 
Angel 3:20 
Soul Food 4:13 
Love Thing 4:16