Saturday, May 29, 2021

J. Red The Nephew: Flooded with Soul (Soul Mop Entertainment, 2001)

The above compilation is actually something I have wanted for a while now, after Napo found an earlier single by J. Red (then going by the name “Red”) while searching through the crates in and around Virginia Beach. Originally from Atlanta, J. Red (real name Jesse Redmond) spent time at Master Sound Studios in Virginia Beach and in Hamilton, NC where he recorded the above compilation. He was originally part of the underground male R&B/New Jack Swing trio Average Guyz in the 90s and released an album “First Come First Served” in 1996. This was when he formed his production company Soul Mop Entertainment LLC which did most of the production. Then going by the name of Mr. Red, Redmond’s talents are again demonstrated on the above compilation which he produced and wrote mostly by himself. Employing the same mind-blowing Jodeci-esque harmonies from his time spent with Average Guyz over some pretty smooth production – from classic baby-making jams to early 2000s bump-N-grind – this compilation is very pleasing to listen to. 
My Men And My Woman (Keya Smith Feat. Josh) 4:28 
Confrontation (Mr. Red) 3:38 
That´s How It Goes (Sherrie) 4:20 
To Say I Love You (Mr. Red) 4:08 
Misunderstanding (Keya Smith) 4:21 
What You Like (Emerald Al) 4:10 
Let Me Know (Mr. Red) 5:27 
God Forgiven (Keya Smith) 5:00 
My Wisdom (Mr. Red) 4:17 
You Don´t Know (Keya Smith) 3:37 
Diggin You (Mr. Red) 3:54 
Rock The Sheets (Mr. Red) 4:03 
I Seen It All (Emerald Al) 3:14 
Roll With Me (Mr. Red) 8:32