Sunday, May 9, 2021

Fyza: S/T (Global i Entertainment, 2000)

More fantastic independent R&B from the UK with Fyza, who had been releasing music since in the early 90s. From the UK Midlands, she was one of the featured artists on Manchester’s Go Blue comp (with “Poetical Love”) and also made a couple of appearances on Street Beats Series 2 and 3 with her 1999 single “Madd Cool.” Her album is something I have actually been sitting on for a few years now while we found the other artists from her label Global i Entertainment who along with Bristol-based Black Story Records released some quality R&B music from the UK North in the late 90s and early 2000s. Up until then, a lot of the stuff we found was from London or the surrounding area. A double album, there is barely one skippable track here from Fyza, who was formally a vocalist in soul, R&B and hip hop groups in the US before returning to the UK in 1994. Not as carnal as her label mate JR who was a little heavy with the sex appeal but very sensual with a delicate, melodic vocal and the production sophisticated and on some tracks quite ornate. It’s definitely one of those albums that is quite pleasing to the ear. Stuart actually acquired it back in 2015 back when we were buying and posting stuff we had seen from other collectors. We have since become a lot more exclusive though good music still remains to be good music. 
Disc 1
Who Is Fyza (Intro) 1:55
Madd Cool V.II 4:20
Cry 3:27
Falling (Intro) 1:08
Falling ft. J.R. 3:36
Come Too Soon (Interlude) 1:38
Ain't No Love 3:29
Back In The Day ft. Shiesty The Gypsy 4:20
Why Like I Do 4:15
She ft. Black Ice 3:55
I Swear 3:45
Genuine 4:00
Ready ft. D'Freak (Bonus Track) 5:18

Disc 2
Feel So Real 3:26
Friend 3:25
Who Ya Gonna Run To 3:53
Silly Me, Silly You 0:59
24/7 3:41
Tell Me Why 4:30
Watching You. Watching Me 4:21
Show Me Your Love 0:40
Don't Let Me Down 5:26
Heaven 3:47
All My Love 3:52
My Thang 1:21
Madd Cool 3:44