Monday, May 3, 2021

Average Guyz; First Come First Served (Uncut Records, 1995)

Along with 911’s album “The Pressure”, the Average Guyz’ First Come First Served was one of a handful of rare indie R&B albums which got a new lease of life via Japanese label P-Vine Records in the late 2010s. Nothing but O.G. stuff here though; this is an original copy from Uncut Records (1995) and once again uncovered by Napo while digging through the crates in and around Virginia Beach back in 2018. Featuring contributions from a pre-Neptunes Chad Hugo (track 7 “Ride”) and Missy Elliott (as Misdemeanor from “Sister”), the album is a great combination of new jack sing, jeep beats and sexy slow jams with a Jodeci-type swagger. Most of the production comes from Jesse Redmond and his production company Soul Mop Productions which is still releasing music to this day. The name might sound familiar as Napo found one of Redmond’s solo releases back in 2018. Now going by the name of J-Red the Nephew, he originally hailed from Atlanta but spent most of his time at Master Sound Studio in Virginia Beach recording music. People in Japan can find First Come First Served on iTunes but it is yet to be available to people in the U.S. for less than $30 on import. O.G. copies are currently fetching upwards of $300.
Anthem 2:07 
Gimme (Intro Big Freeze) 5:06 
Get Inside 4:33 
You're In Need 4:53 
So Far Away 4:46 
Put Me On 3:55 
Ride 5:51 
You Got It 3:42 
Interlude For Always 1:00 
It Won't Be The Same 4:54 
So Good 4:01 
I Never Knew 5:24 
The Little Things 5:13 
You Don't Have To Go 3:40 
Always 4:45